We are a women-led team of thoughtful listeners and thinkers
who design connections in
everything we do.



We Design Connections

Founded on the principle that connections grow businesses, build communities and drive systemic change, UME believes that women must be considered and valued equally in business and society in order for connections to exist.

Women make up 51% of the U.S. population. We control 85% of global purchasing power. We raise a company's ROI by 15% when in the C-Suite. We start companies 2.5x the national average. It's clear that women represent the largest growth opportunity and disruptive force in business today. 

This is why we work to amplify the feminine perspective and stand with female-led companies, female-centered innovation, and female entrepreneurs. And don’t forget our girls. Girls with a vision become women with a vision.

Yes, it’s a challenge, but a thrilling one. Every day, we strive to be active agents of equality - uncompromising in our integrity while designing for systemic transformation. But we can’t do it alone.

True connection starts with You + Me. 



The UME Difference


We design for Her.

Good design drives innovative brand experiences. This starts with an insightful understanding of Her experiences and needs. We practice a reflective, human-led process, that puts Her at the center. More women-centered innovation will drive a fundamental shift in the way brands approach innovation as more brands, like yours, actively engage with women. 

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We set women business leaders up for success. 

Good design builds successful business. We offer brand strategy and business strategy to maximize your growth. More successful women leaders will inspire more women leaders. That means more role models, partners, and resources to help each other succeed. 

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We invest in positive change. 

Good design powers transformation. Transformation happens through true human connection. We know you're in it to make a difference. So are we. That's why we designed our own social initiatives to connect with real women and girls around the world. Everything we learn here, helps us be better partners to you. 

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