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Leadership training designed for Her



The HER Global Zine Project is the heart of UME and keeps us connected to Her around the world. These young women expand our perspectives, challenging us to be better humans first, designers second.


The HER Global Zine Project is our annual social impact initiative held in partnership with girls’ education NGOs in developing countries. Designed to cultivate leadership skills through the practice of creativity, we facilitate critical thinking workshops that activate the imagination. Over 5-days, the young women work to solve an existing problem in their communities - creating, collaborating and manifesting their ideas onto paper. This results in a zine that we design, print and assemble together.

This is Her vision. Her strength. Her world.



All great leaders have imagination. There needs to be more support nurturing the imagination of girls in developing countries. 


Young women in developing countries are the future leaders and change agents of their countries. Cultivating leadership skills helps her thrive, not just survive.

Imagination is the ability to be resourceful and is essential to manifesting dreams. Like everything else, it needs to be nurtured and practiced.


The HER Global Zine Community

Nepal – 2018

In partnership with Global Girl Project, we were thrilled to work with 8 girls on international exchange from Sierra Leone, Haiti, and Nepal as they created projects to positively impact their communities back home.

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Cambodia – 2017

These young women fight to be the first in their villages to go to university. Over 5 days, they ideated four university clubs that inspire mindset shifts, build confidence and help achieve their dreams.

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Malawi – 2016

Constantly faced with the challenges of poverty, gender violence and sexual violence, these young women created companies that provide resources, support and opportunities for other women just like them.

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