Jarvis Jay Masters


Content Strategy
Visual Design
Website Development

Jarvis Jay Masters is a Buddhist practitioner and writer — he has been on death row for 29 years for a crime he didn’t commit. UME worked with the nonprofit, Free Jarvis to create a website that could act as a platform for their team: raising awareness around Jarvis’ incarceration, hosting a touch point for anyone who wants to get involved, and housing all the organization’s content.

It was an honor and a privilege to work on this project, and to get to know Jarvis in the process.




Building a foundation for growth.

As Free Jarvis is a small grassroots nonprofit, we knew this project was not about helping the organization gain a massive following from the onset — rather, it was about building a foundation that could allow them to grow.

It was important for us to create a site and a style guide that would allow Free Jarvis to simplify and clarify their processes, not complicate them. Beyond the functional elements, we set out to communicate Jarvis’ humanity as a person and an individual first and foremost.



We design through our own humanity.

For this project, it was especially important that our team had experience in the three main areas that were most significant to Jarvis and the organization: social justice, nonprofit work, and Buddhist philosophy.

To be sure the website would come from Jarvis’ voice, we connected with him over the phone and poured over his writing. On the site itself, we were careful to delineate Jarvis’ words from the organization’s words. In connecting our own humanity with Jarvis’ humanity, we landed on a site that is humble, compassionate, and intelligent. — It is as informative as it is human.