Brand Discovery
Brand Positioning
Brand Strategy
Website Design

Triveni integrates yoga, creativity, Eastern and Western paradigms of education to build conscious communities in the U.S. and China. Triveni required brand positioning to holistically connect its teaching, consulting and creative services, along with a website redesign to viscerally communicate the transformative nature of their work.



Triveni's Purpose

The custom 2-day immersion workshop with key Triveni stakeholders resulted in a clear articulation of their ultimate vision, mission, core values and design principles. Triveni teaches, consults, and designs experiences that transform the mind and body to help us all reach higher levels of self-actualization. This became the foundation for all design work.




Visualizing Transformation

The Triveni refers to a particular location in the body where three aspects of the subtle energetic body intersect. It is where a sacred experience overtakes a mundane experience. The Triveni is honored through the central channel that runs through each webpage.