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All-natural and biodynamic skin care brand Weleda was launching two new product extensions specifically for women - a Baby Love Collection for moms and babies and a Pomegranate Collection for mature skin. They required a print and digital campaign for Baby Love that communicated product efficacy and safety. For the Pomegranate Collection, they requested sustainable packaging and Point Of Purchase design.



A Mother's Love

Babies have fragile, vulnerable skin that needs protection as it develops. Organic and biodynamic skin care products are known to gently nourish the skin with ingredients that don’t disturb the skin’s natural balance. After speaking with new moms, we learned that health, safety and efficacy are the main priorities when purchasing baby products. The resulting Baby Love campaign speaks to a mother’s awareness of the greater health issues at stake when considering their baby’s skin care products.




Respect For Environment

Weleda holds great respect for the environment and our natural resources. This consciousness impacts every design and business decision. Their standards for sustainable packaging demand protection of the ingredients’ potency and recycling once its packaging life is over. We designed packaging to uphold this standard and researched the most sustainable paper, printing and manufacturing processes to keep our footprint as gentle as possible.